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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is 06 today. -- is off today.
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a 14-year-old girl died at a sleepover allie rasmus is live with more, including the soda that's becoming a big part of the investigation. >> reporter: we're live in santa rosa. this agency is investigating the 14-year-old's death. now, the four girls at the sleepover, including the victim, said they passed around a soda that taste strange. the sheriff's office determined there was an unknown substance to it. the teens were at a sleepover at a home and all four got sick during the night. they started throwing up after they drank the soda. at first, the parents thought it was food poisoning, but then on sunday, one of them would not wake up.
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they called paramedics. and they determined she died. the crime investigations unit are looking into the death. a cause of death for that 14- year-old girl has not been determined yet. we've put in requests with sherr 6 investigators to find out -- sherr 6 investigators to find out where they are with the -- with the investigation. back to you. >> thank you. pleasant hill police say they have two men in custody who may have used clone debit cards to rob bay area atms. officers found them loitering around contra costa county. officers found cloned access cards and guns in their possession. the men were identified as two southern california men men, ages 20 and 22 -- men, ages 20 and 22. people at one peninsula school have a lot of cleaning up to do. part of daily skyline
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elementary was gutted overnight. jade hernandez is live with more and to show us the damage. >> reporter: garning. it's daylight and the supervisor was out here -- good morning. it's daylight and the supervisor was out here surveying the damage. we want to take you right inside of the classroom. books, chairs, equipment, all damaged. we've already checked in with the north county fire authority. the department spokesman says an investigator is trying to determine whether this is a suspicious fire or was intentionally set. fortunately, students don't return to school until -- until later this summer. this was a single fire. within 15 minutes of arrival, firefighters put out flames. two battalion chiefs, six engines responded. to get you a better idea where we are this morning, the school
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is located is surrounded by duplexes and home. fortunately, the fire did not spread. no one was hurt. we left a message for the school district this morning and as i mentioned we're gonna go back to the portable that caught fire in about an hour. this is the gate. just past the gate and several portables back, that's where the fire broke out. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, jade. thank you. firefighters are estimating 5 fire that burned two homes -- a fire that burned two homes caused about $150,000 worth of damage. this started at 2:30 this morning. this house on melrose avenue, then the flames spread. luckily, no injuries reported. authorities think it started in the living room of the house. but the exact cause is under investigation. the highway patrol is
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investigate a deadly accident in southern california involving two police cruisers. the two officers were responding to the same emergency call in alhambra early yesterday, when they collided at an intersection. 26-year-old ryan stringer died as a result of his injuries. the other officer was seriously injured but is in still -- but is in stable condition. >> officer stringer was a very energetic, very friendly police officer, very well liked by the other members of the department and the community. and the department is really grieving today. >> reportedly, one officer may have one a red light but officials would not confirm that. in san jose, police say a suspected drunk driver slammed into a fire engine as it was leaving a house fire. it happened near mayberry road and high glenn drive around 12:30 yesterday morning. police say the driver was speeding when he swerved around a captain directing traffic. he then plowed into two cars
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and the fire truck. fortunately, nobody was hurt. a dui checkpoint in investigation turned up a few bizarre scenarios saturday night. police say they cited two parents who had too much to drink and they allowed -- allowed their 14-year-old son to drive them to the liquor store. police did not find reason to arrest them. at that very same checkpoint another driver identified himself by showing a citation he got earlier in the day without a license. now he has two tickets for the same offense. well, new rates have been set for san francisco parking meters. the new,f park program dies rates -- drive -- the new sf park program drives the rates by demand. the price will stay the same at 37% of the meters. is prices range from $1.75 to
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$3.75. an hour. 7,000 park meters are being tested in eight different neighborhoods. well, president obama will hold an 8:00 a.m. news conference. he will give us an update on those very tense negotiations to raise the national debt limit. coming up at 7:15, we'll get a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain everything at stake. today, we'll learn details of the plan of the 2013 plan for dealing with huge crowds, super yachts the sailing event is supposed to bring. san francisco taxi drivers are planning another strike for next month. three weeks ago they staged a two-hour strike during the lunch hour. this time around the examiner reports says they plan to stage a 4-hour strike on august 7th.
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canbys are -- a 24-hour strike on august 7th. cabbies are tired of the fees. 7:07. let's check in with sal. the commute is more awake. how is it looking? >> it's getting more crowded, dave and maureen. right now traffic is doing well if you are driving in some areas. but it's getting getting slow. when you get to the toll plaza there is a light commute, which is much nicer than last week. traffic is looking good coming into san francisco. i also want to mention the commute in antioch. stop-and-go traffic, there was a noninjury accident there. we mentioned the east shore in berkeley -- berkeley. let's look at it in vallejo, pin nome and richmond.
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and at mcdonald's, watch for roadwork. police like to -- people like to use girard. there will be a delay getting to the richmond bridge this morning. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a happy monday morning. a few breaks in the clouds. there is a big fog bank out there. in you don't have any clouds, it will be cooler. we'll go from 15 to 20 degrees above on the high temperatures to about 15, 20 below. low clouds, some mist or drizzle. very cool this week, especially through wednesday. breezy to windy at times. 60s and 70s. it does look warmer over the weekend and the high pressure system will retrograde to the west. cooler pattern in place. it's all because of an area of low pressure. we had our two in june. in july, it will stop now. it will set 8 into oregon.
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low clouds, drizzle at the coast. >> low low clouds right -- all over the place. 52, 53, 54, 55. 57 mountain view and san jose. san jose, clear. we heard from our observer out in blossom hill. he said it's sunny there. 24 already at fairfield. gusts to 25 at concord. it's all in place from the golden gate. sfo from san pablo bay out in the strait and delta. it's there. that's the system moving into portland. for this time of year, it's too early. you don't see that that often coming down. low pressure will move in. that all spills cooler, inland temperatures, they will slide back on wednesday. low clouds, wednesday at times. local temperatures, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s for the coast and bay.
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there will be 50s and 60s today. 77 fairfield. alameda, 63. brentwood, 80. 79 gilroy. saratoga, 76. fremont upper 60s, low 70s. same for much of the peninsula but 50s and 60s along the san mateo coast. cooling continues through wednesday. it does look like we'll see slightly warmer temperatures in the weekend. one of arnold schwarzenegger's lass duty as governor -- has -- last duty as governor has him going to a courtroom. and there's new signs that the former first lady has reportedly found her place to live -- herself a place to live.
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in just about 45 minute, president obama will lay out the battlelines in the fight over raising the national debt ceiling. as alison burns reports, he will hold a news conference before that takes place. alison? >> reporter: that's right. president obama will certainly be setting the tone for today's round of debt talks during that news conference. it gets started in just about 45 minutes. now, during sunday's session, it was all smiles around the table as negotiations got underway between president obama and congressional leaders. but reports indicate the 75- minute round of talks was testy, to say the least. both sides appear to be digging in their hills about how to
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reduce the federal defcy. treasury secretary tim geithner says a deal is needed by the end of this week to meet that august 2nd deadline for raising the nation's debt ceiling. >> as we go into july, further into july, the world is gonna be progressively more concerned about whether this town, this city, washington, d.c., can figure a way to solve this problem -- this problem. >> reporter: and there is a lot of fighting about the size of the plan. republicans are rejecting any deal that would include tax increases. democrats say closing tax lool hopes is critical for reducing the deficit -- tax loopholes is critical for reducing the deficit. back to you. >> thank you. 7:15. job cuts could be coming to some petaluma city works -- works. the city council will decide whether or not to lay off some worker to raise money. unions representing the city's 300 employees have not agreed
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20 concessions. 7:15. well, this morning, the parents of a college student from concord who has stabbed to death have their first hearing in a lawsuit filed against former governor, arnold schwarzenegger. 22-year-old luis santos who was killed during a fight while attending san diego state, the suspect, esteban nunez was sentenced to 16 years in police 7. but on arnold schwarzenegger's last day in office, he cut that in half. the parents of the victim filed a lawsuit. well, 345 reya shriver has reported -- well, maria shriver has reportedly purchased a home for $10 million in brentwood. near the home she shared with arnold schwarzenegger.
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maria shriver filed for divorce after broke word -- word broke that her husband fathered a child with their housekeeper. tmz and the woman he was involved in are in talks to with a -- to have an in-person reunion with their son. hopes are drainling that rescue, will -- hopes are dwindling that rescuers will
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find more passengers on a cruise ship that sank. russian officials say 208 people passed into the vessel which is -- which only licensed to carry 150. four people are dead and two others in the hospital with broken bones because of a voter investigators believe was speeding. authorities found beer bottles inside the boat. the obama administration is withholding $800 million of military -- military -- military aid to pakistan. this comes after the response to the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. the united states wants to pressure pakistan to aggressively pursue the taliban. that $800 million figure is a little more than the third than the more than $2 billion gives pakistan in security aid every year. a new york state judge has thrown out a lawsuit attempting
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to stop an islamic community sent near the world trade center site. the judge says the former new york city firefighter who filed the lawsuit he has no -- says he has no merit. starting today, you can make free online reservations to take a tour of the 9/11 memorial in new york city. the memorial will be dedicated september 11th. the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the world trade center. it will open to the public the following day. that museum is skeled 20 open on the 11th -- scheduled to open on the 11th anniversary of the attacks. coast guard rescued 15 illegal immigrants off a santa cruz island, which is one of the channel islands off the
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coast of santa barbara. one of the immigrants calledden in to say they were left on the island with no food or water. the coast guard turned them over to federal immigration officials. cal fire expects full containment in a remote area of the sierra nevada foothills. 350 acres have burned but no homes are buildings are threatened. a barbecue grill may be responsible for a fire that gutted a home in healdsburg. firefighters rushed to a home on albert court early yesterday morning. they found flames shooting from the home. the couple of who lives there did make it out safely. one firefighter was hurt by falling denver brie. it took the firefighters -- falling debris. it took poofs two hours to put the -- two hours to put out the
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fire. and an inspiring actor makes headlines for all of the wrong reasons. the man who really wanted to get on the david letterman show. good morning. westbound highway 4, traffic is busy. we have an accident that's just before in blocking lanes. we'll let you know about that and the rest of the morning commute -- coming up.
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welcome back. new york city arrested a man for vandalizing the home of david letterman's home. authority says this man smashed the building's glass doors and trashed the lobby. police are not sure why he did it but appeared to be drunk. 7:23. a new petition is calling on the national service to stop requiring permits to climb the
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halfdome. a group says the use of permits has restricted access to half halfdome to hikers. time now, 7:23. hey, sal, can you help everybody get to where they snead to go? >> that's right. i -- where they need to go? >> i just want to mention there have been reports of problems at the mid nation's airports. actually it's chicago's airports. if you are taking flights there, check on that. i'm running it down now. it's a good idea for to you check your flight ain't 4 be checking, too. let's take a look at the richmond parkway, gerard boulevard at mcmc -- at mostly -- boulevard at mcdonald.
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there is an accident at west bally, at westbound 4. taking a look at the bay bridge, it's lighter than normal. you can see the traffic is moving along pretty well here approaching the toll plaza. if you are driving to the south bay, 2347, stop and go traffic continuing all the way out -- south bay, stop and go traffic continuing all the way out. he's let's go to steve. it will an cool pattern. san jose, partly cloudy. temperatures in the 50s will end up in the 60s and 70s for many today because of a big fog bank. 52 for san francisco, santa rosa, not much warmer anywhere else. san jose is the warmest at 57. you already get a west- southwest wind. it's over.
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sunny but cooler and windy at times. 50s, 60s, coast and bay. 70s or very low 80s inland. temperatures down around 115, 20. it looks like the -- 15 or 20. it looks like they will stay there and we will warm up toward the end of the week. >> thank you, steve. a man is behind bars after officers opened fire. >> reporter: in pittsburg, another overnight shooting on a popular east bay trail. what officers are doing right now to try to solve a case -- to try to solve a case.
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pittsburg police are investigating another shooting on the delta deanza trail. kraig debro is live from pittsburg where this is the fourth violent incident on that trail in the past three months. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. i just talked to east bay regional parks. they said they will have new information momentarily. could come within the hour. this is railroad avenue right here. this part of the delta trail, delta deanza trail, it happened
7:30 am
right over here. if you look in the middle of the trail, you can see an officer there. about 15 minutes of them were walking four across down the left-hand side of that trail. one of the officers stopped, looked to the left and they've been focusing in on an area near where the orange and white- striped sign it. they've been focusing there. this, like the other shootings, is getting a last attention. now, 24 happened around 6:30 last night and they said they received a call from the contra costa county sheriff avenue office telling them that there have been reports of shots fired around 6:00 to midnight. you probably just saw a second ago a red tennis shoe and white t-shirt. we shot that video from the back yard of one of the houses that borders this trail here. we saw 2 earlier and showed it to you. probably has something to do
7:31 am
with the investigation. now, the man that actually -- talking to neighbors about the shooting and -- the woman we talked to said it's not uncommon for her to hear shots hires -- fired. >> between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00, i hear pop, pop, pop, gunshots. but i say to myself it must be firefighters. my grandson was with me one day and he says that's gunshots, grant ma. >> reporter: now, overnight, the police were out here in force. not only did they come to the area on foot but they were also in the air. there was 5 helicopter up. i just spoke to a neighbor. he said it was around 3:00, 3:30 that he heard the helicopter. the gentleman we talk to said he heard someone knocking on the door at the time. he believes this was the
7:32 am
police. some of these gates are open -- have openings, so possibly the person or persons could have gotten out there. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:31. overnight in oakland, police arrested a man after an officer- involved shooting. it happened around midnight outside of this lucky's store on macarthur and 38th avenue. oakland police are not telling us very much about what happened. but we do know that police officers came into contact with two men for some reason, and the officers felt threatened and opened fire. no one was hurt. one man is in custody. a second person of interest is out there still on the loose. a police chase ended hours ago in fremont after the driver of a stolen car lost control and crashed. two men were arrested. a woman you see her there, also a suspect, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say the three stole the
7:33 am
car at gunpoint in san pablo around 12:30. they led police on the interstate 80 and 580 for getting onto mission boulevard. spike strips were put down. that car crashed into mission boulevard. a san jose man has died after falling off a cliff. ruben santos was hurt after falling from a cliff in san mateo county. he was pronounced dead at the scene. work on most of the new transbay sent he -- transit center resumes this morning. two days after a construction worker was hurt on the job. however, work has toned in the area where the worker hit a live power line saturday afternoon. the accident vee opened -- re--
7:34 am
reopened the investigation. community leaders in rich month are calling for peace after three men were shot to death in an apartment. the shooting happened saturday at the triangle court public housing complex. 36-year-old michael anderson of richmond, 19-year-old delonte and corey walker were all -- were all found dead. police say this is a result of a drug deal gone bad. is we spoke to some people there and they said they are definitely in need of change. >> we need an outreport -- an up to date -- up-to-the-minute police report. 7:34. the finn is being asked to investigate threats against the
7:35 am
lake county sheriff. "the press democrat" report the somebody blocked radio frequencies belonging to the sheriff's off the for about ten minutes. now, whoffer that was -- now whenever that was, that -- whoever that person was better watch their step. firefighters are set to vote on similar concession plans that would save the city about $31 millionle over the next two years. later this morning, the man who confessed from stealing ballots in san francisco has a
7:36 am
sentencing hearing. karl nicholas pleaded guilty for stealing the ballots. the balloting were later found floating in the lagoon. hundreds of bay trees on the peninsula will be start today to stop the spread of sudden growth. property values in contra costa county, the total value dropped .05% last year. the steepest decline, antioch at a .7. three cities did see -- at .7. joe montana is trying to score a new real estate deal
7:37 am
but could face competition. he's part of a team that won'ts an -- wants an exclusive 30-day meeting about developing two lots. the city manager is advising the city council that the project should be open to all groups, montana is expected to pitch the project to the council tomorrow. the chinese company making the main parts of the bay bridge spoon -- spanned is now expected to ship. the ones coming over now are the anks for the two suspended cables. the new span is due to open as planned in 2013. 7:37. let's get right to sal. big day if you are traveling by air and you were earlier
7:38 am
talking 3 potential problems there. we just found out that the flights at mid midway and o'hare have resumed. so there was a power outage and i just wanted to check here, the -- it looks like the power went out. if you are taking a flight out of o'hare, you should check with the airline. you don't want to get to the airport and find out you are delayed for hours. not sure how long the delays are but take a look at them. contra costa county has some pretty slow traffic. highway 4 is backed up and so system -- so is -- but eastbound 2 there's police activity eastbound highway 4 at loveridge road. in fact, all lanes are being held up on -- because of an -- because of police activity on an overpass eastbound on highway 4 -- highway 4. so traffic will be slow from about
7:39 am
the point i outlined to east leverage road. you have to get off the freeway. went traffic is moving through -- westbound traffic is moving through. let's go to steve. a few breaks in the clouds. it will be a cool day. temperatures 70s, very low 80s inland. there's a -- there's plenty of low clouds and fog around. some of that fog has produced drizzle. the pattern is in place for a rather cool week. you can see all of the low clouds there. what burns off, it will be a sunny, breezy day. i wanted to mention this, this is courtesy of larry bogs out in san anselmo. their low on sunday was 43. near sebastopol was 44. those were the coolest july/august lows -- well, the
7:40 am
coolest lows for a july! lost -- for a july. what's going on is a rather strong system has moved into the pacific northwest. so low clouds and drizzle for the rest. fog, drizzle for the bay and then sunny and breezy. sunny, breezy. temperatures are no ga struggle today. 50s on the -- on a lot of attempts. heard from big mike on a tweet there. he said it's over past. dash overcast. warm front southwest. -- west-southwest in concord. these the system. see in june we will three of threes drop down in the area. in july, that would be almost
7:41 am
unprecedented, but the mere fact it heads to oregon, 74 novato, 272. 64, sausalito. 68 valley, benicia. >> 77, 65 oakland. berkeley 64. 70 is f.m. >> so the cooling continues until wednesday. it looks like the low will eject out. it will be gradual around warming in the morning. a new requirement could be lured to aspiring
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that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
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the dow, it's down around 49 points. s&p has been down. right now s&p is down 20 points. google is spending more to find out about the internet and impact on society. they are teaming up with three
7:45 am
german institutes to do the work. their combined efforts will focus on constitutional right, media policy and innovation related to the internet and will all start this fall. chinese travelers could feel more at home in 17 upscale hotels around the world. the starwood hotels are offering special features, including chinese food for breck fast and -- breakfast and in-room tea kettles. 57million chinese traveled out of their home country. the wreckage where a train accident occurred in india, it's being cleared. while there's still no word on the official cause of the crash, it's reported that the conductor slammed on the emergency brakes because there was cattle on the track. about 1,000 people were on board. at this point, a roller coaster will stay closed after
7:46 am
a war veteran, who lost both of his legs in iraq fell to his death. the sergeant was thrown from the ride friday at the darien lake theme park. his family says they are not blaming the amusement park for the accident. one industrial analyst says he should never have been allowed on the ride. he lost both legs to a roadside bombing in 2008. a funeral is being held today for the fan who fell over a railing during the rangers' baseball game. he died on thursday after his fall while the rangers were playing the as. he was at the game and tried to catch the ball hit by josh hamilton. funeral services for former first lady betty ford begin tomorrow in southern california. the wife of the late
7:47 am
presidentford died on friday at the age of 93. there will be a private ceremony 0 -- private service on monday. her body will then be flown to michigan where she will be buried near her husband. new research is out showing poverty is causing an epidemic in the -- an hiv epidemic. the epidemic disproportionately affect the african-americans. for example, in mississippi, african-americans account for 37% of the population. however, they make up 37% of the new hiv cases. medical schools are now
7:48 am
checking applicants' people skills. applicants to have walk into vary just rooms for many rooms. the reason, to prevent deaths due to poor communication and also have to -- also to have doctors better at the routine. the study that effected autism with vaccine, claims that study is an elab rat fraud. -- elaborate fraud. it claim only one child had autism, not -- claimed only one child had autism, not 12. dr. wakefield lost his license to practice in britain but defends this study sas being true. the japanese government is announcing new stress tests to restart nuclear reactors. today marks four months since
7:49 am
the devastating earthquake and tsunami that damaged the fukushima nuclear power plant. currently, only 19 of jap's 54 reactors are operating -- japan's 54 reactors are operating and that's causing electricity shortage. 7:48. the tragedy that followed the family reunion. an investigation into a crash that killed seven members of the one family. shocking discovery on a jetblue plane. what flight crews found that has the tsa and fbi investigating. surveillance hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
7:50 am
see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool!
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so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel, denim, converse one star shoes, denim, shaun white hoodies and denim. school takes a lot. target has it all. kids in antioch, these days you better go home early. police have started a summer- long crackdown for those who break an 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew. the 37 teenagers were cited in
7:52 am
an old park area. police say they are not trying 20 harass kids. instead, they want to protect them from crime. >> the crimes range from sim spell assaults and thefts to strong-arm robberies. >> i mean, as a kid, you are always gonna want a later curfew, but when you gotta be home, you gotta be home. >> the problems range from parks to businesses. >> time is 7:52. seven family members are dead after their small plane crashed in alabama. the faa says one of the plane's engines failed friday night. the pilot tried to land in alabama but crashed two miles from the airport. two adults and five children were on the plane. passengers on a united airlines flight out of san francisco are finally in germany this morning after a threatening sticker turned up
7:53 am
in the bathroom. flight 996 left sfo saturday night for frankfurt but the plane had to be diverted to chicago after the flight attendant found the threatening sicker -- sticker. 7:52. big questions about how a stun gun ended up on a jetblue plane. that was be found friday night after arriving in new jersey from boston. the stun gun was found tucked in the back of the seat. right now, it's not clear who it belonged to or how it got on the plane. >> i can't imagine getting anything through, hats off, belts off, that's pretty amazing. both the tsa and fbi are investigating. the duke and duchess of cambridge returned to britain. wins prime minister and catherine departed yesterday afternoon and boarded a british
7:54 am
airways jet. stops included inner city arts. >> princess kate, she was really tall, like elegant but not -- not like everyone else. she was just, like -- like one- of-a-kind. >> the couple also attended a military event. there are knew just three days left of plane's -- of spain's running of the bulls. during the fifth run one person was hurricane. -- was hurt. did you see that?
7:55 am
>> she escaped the animal control officer but eventually caught up with the peacock. we don't know where the peacock came from. animal control says if no one comes forward to claim it, she will take it to a sanctuary. 7:54789 let's get right to sal to -- 7:54. let's get right to the roads. this morning we've had problems. we do have some slow traffic in some of the regular areas. less go out and take a look at the bay bridge westbound. you will see a big backup for about 15 minutes or so before you make it onto that span and then another ten minutes before you make it into downtown san francisco. also this moving, we're looking at stop-and-go traffic getting into the valley. westbound 237 backed up from all of the downtown cross streets until you get on the freeway portion of it. it slows to zanker road. contra costa county is a mess. i hate to say it.
7:56 am
but eastbound 4 there is police activity as you come up on lover ridge boulevard -- loveridge. the whole thing is stop and go and there's another crash in the backup. westbound and even eastbound 4 a big mess in contra costa county. we have a big fog bank. the fog has made it to -- made it to the straits and crocket and also to danville, with a west wind, that tells us we have a strong sea breeze. temperatures out there, 50s for everybody. 59 san jose, under mostly sunny dark can dash there are some
7:57 am
breaks in the clouds. this is all in place due to a low that will settle into oregon. we're on the southern end of it -- better part of the end. it. even if you had the sunshine there will be 5 breeze going today. it looks like we'll take it to thursday and then and then bottom out. there will be a little bit of a warming trend as we heat to the weekend. president obama is just about to hold a live news conference. he will tell us the latest on negotiations about raising the national debt ceiling. what he says he will do every day until a deal is done? >> reporter: death i.v.s are investigating the death of a chicago -- a teenager girl. a fire inside of a daily
7:58 am
city amendment casitas drool -- classroom -- of a daily city restaurant
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you can't jump that! it's two chicken patties, topped with bacon, and melting cheese plus seasoned curly fries and a drink for only $3.99! what do you know? your only a baby! vrrrrooooom! i'm t-rex and i came out of extinction cuz i heard the combo was back! and that got a million hits? yep. why do we even make commercials anymore? 'cause you like to be in them.
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good monday morning. welcome back. i'm maureen naylor. >> er tovy off today -- tori campbell is off today. i'm dave clark. a teenaged girl is dead at a sleepover. allie rasmus has more on 24 and why the focus is on a soda on this and why the focus is on a soda they shared. >> reporter: we're live 234 front of the agency investigate the death of the 14-year-old. they explained it happened when the victim had three girls over for a weekend sleepover at her husband. victims say at some point in the night, the victim passed awarned -- passed around. the parents thought it was food poisoning but on sunday night, when he -- sunday when they
8:01 am
tried to wake the girl, she did not respond. they determined that the teenager died overnight in her bed -- in her bed. we're waiting for the lieutenant in charge of this investigation to arrive here. he's supposed to get in any way -- to get in any minute. and when we get it, we'll bring it to you later in the show. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. teachers at one -- teachers at one peninsula school have plenty to do after a fire. jade hernandez is live from the school this morning with a look at some of the damage. >> reporter: good morning. the damaged portal classroom is just behind that gate. several others behind that, that's where the fire broke out last night at skyline elementary school in daily
8:02 am
city. this is before firefighters responded. we have new pictures this morning of the damage that was caused around 11:30 last night when flames broke out. the north county authority told us that an investigation is trying to determine whether this was an intentionally set. fortunately students don't return to school until late summer, in august. this was a single-alarm fire, we're told. firefighters say the fire appears to have started outside of the portal building but within 15 minutes of arrivalling, they put out the flames -- of arriving, they put out the names -- out the flames. skyline elementary is located on christian avenue. fortunately, nobody was hurt. we left a message for the school district but still have not heard back from the superintendent's office.
8:03 am
as soon as we get and get an update, we'll definitely pass that information along to you. a fire broke out just before 2:30 at a home on memberrose -- on melrose avenue. authorities think the fire started in the living room of the first home but the cause is under investigation. your time now, 8:03. well we're watching the white house right now. we'll get back to you for the very latest from the president in a moment. in the meantime, as counties brace for -- counties brace for early releases, this is all part of a plan to reduce state
8:04 am
spending and the recidivism late. san francisco sheriff says residents ares should be concerned but not panicked. 8:0 3. a happening right now, we have live pictures. there is a bake sale. we'll have that -- we'll have more on that in a minute. the search reseems for the seven men lost in a fishing accident. they were supposed to arrive in mexico over the weekend. they will conduct an underwater search of the -- search of the area. three others who survived the shrinking ship are hoping their brother comes home okay.
8:05 am
they say brian woke up -- woke them up and -- about this. it's the not knowing part that is -- that is hard on, i'm sure. >> unless he started -- until we have a diving recovery operation, it won't be closure for any of us. bryan did everything. 8:05. caltrans wants you driver -- wants you drivers to remember one thing. move over. they are launching a public safety survey. 52-year-old rich art gonzalez
8:06 am
was hit by a car on a connector ramp. caltrans' new campaign is encouraging drivers to follow california's move-over law. it requires drivers to slow down and then work out of the hayne that happens to be next to any caltrans workers you see hout there. we've seen some problems, sal, in some portions of the bay. that's right. wewe have a bill problem. just found out that all lanes. highway 4 are shut down because of police activity in antioch. the commute today is much worse because of the activity. there's no word when they will resolve this. police are on an overcrossing
8:07 am
at loveridge root. all lanes are close. traffic in the east bay on 680 is also slow. westbound bay bridge backed up for about a 10-minute delay. you may want to think about using the dumbarton bridge instead. let's go to steve. a lot of reports of fog, making a pretty strong sunk. what a difference a week makes. anna on a tweet says, it was shot! temperatures 1990s. 100s. usually this time 6 year, i have my feet up on the desk, it's quiet. i'm not doing anything. but of there's a lot of activity it does look warmer as
8:08 am
we head toward the weekend getting back in the 80s. on condition -- on sunday, there's very, very cool lows, san anselmo's temperature sunday morning is 43 if you are in the area and you said my goodness it's chilly, it was. the reason why we have a strong low. and that really ramped up a cool breeze. 52 in the city. san jose, though, still 59. concord 56. gusts to about 25 and over-- over 125 now. west-southwest 124. if vau cauville gets a southwest wind, that's a sea breeze. san jose has had brakes in the
8:09 am
flags. overcast skies. it will be cooler. it start sunday -- it started saturday. some low clouds, sunny, breezy. sunny but cooler inland highs. 60s 70s. still some low 80s. i think tomorrow, st. helena and calistoga will probably be about 78. walnut creek only 75. san leandro is in the 60s. 73 san jose. sunny way, bell,mont, all low 70s. cooling continues into wednesday and this will be warmer toward the end of the week. some things look different at a popular different celebration. >> what's difference on the
8:10 am
lines at islake tahoe? and leon panetta makes an unannouncement -- makes -- makes an announcement. and he got the story he was in a war. and doctor hopes [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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8:12 am
good morning. lots of low clouds. in fact, san bruno, i just got a nice tweet from chris.
8:13 am
he said it's been drizzling and there's gusts to 40 miles an hour. it will be cool and sunny today with highs in the 60s and 70s. president obama will hold a news conference any moment now. as alison burns reports, the president wants to tell us why it's impossible for him to work out a deal to raise the national debt -- debt limit. alison? >> let's get right to to -- right to it. president obama will be laying down the battlelines in this news conference that gets underway. and then negotiations resume at the white house this afternoon. during sunday's 75-minute session, president obama -- let's cut now to president obama. >> the dote gauche sanctions provide -- the debt negotiations, provide my perspectives and then i will take some questions. as all of you know, i met with
8:14 am
congressional leaders yesterday. we'll be meeting today and we'll meet every sinkle day until we get this thing resolved -- every single day until we get this thing resolved. the good news is all of the leaders believe, rightly, that it's not acceptable for us not to raise the debt ceiling and to allow the u.s. government to default. we cannot threaten the united states full faith and credit for the first time in our history. we still have a lot of work to do to get this problem solved. first of all, all of us agree that we should use this opportunity to do something meaningful on debt and deficits. the reports have been largery accurate that speaker boehner and myself had been from a
8:15 am
series of conversations about doing the biggest deal possible so we could actually resolve our debt and deficit challenge for a long stretch of time and i want to say i appreciate the spooker -- speaker boehner's good faith efforts on that front. what i emphasized to the broader group of congressional leaders yesterday is now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when 1234 i've been hearing from my republican friends for dwight sometime that it's immorable for us to tackle these debts in a serious way. >> i've been telling -- been hearing from them this is hurting the business community. what i said to them was, let's go. and it's possible for us to construct a package that would
8:16 am
be balanced, that would share sacrifice would involve both parties taking on their sacred -- this would involve is meaningful changes to medicare,s is, and medicaid that -- social security and me dedicate that would keep the trust with the seniors. and make sure it's there for not only this jen rakes, but the other jen rakes. that it's possible for us 20 bring in revenues in a way that -- dash that does not impede our current recovery. but it's fair and billionsanced. we have a -- balanced. we have developed plans to make things easier and that will help americans and that includes health spending, some programs that i like very much. and we -- it would be nice to
8:17 am
have but that we can't afford right now. if you -- if you look at the -- >> we've been listening live. you are hearing it as we do, president obama live at the white house, talking about the still very complicated and ongoing negotiations with members of congress on raising the national debt limit. he says they are far from over but there is a lot of work to do. we'll have much more details about what the president is is a -- is saying during this -- is what the president is saying during this news conference. you're the ones i'm responsible for. you are the ones i care about. you are the ones that -- that i want to make sure are protected. not only for yourself but for
8:18 am
your family. pin net today says he, -- says he will push down those attacking. the obama administration is withholding $800 million in pakistan. the u.s. wants to push pakistan to more aggressively pursue the taliban. the $800 million figure is a little more than a third of the more than $2 billion the u.s. gives to pakistan in security and aid each other. in syria, government supporters smashed windows at the embassy in manassas. apparently, this was in response to the operation pit together by "fred goss."
8:19 am
there two -- there are two new studies about second-hand smoking and learning problems, and adhd. they say kids between the ages of 8 and 13 that have a negative opinion of the smell of cigarette smoke, are 70% -- are 70% less to smoke later. ice land's former health minister proposed 24 bill to encourage smokers to get the help of their doctors to fit.
8:20 am
one toe back toe shop owner says they are -- says they are not happy about the bill. this spill part of a ten-year plan to -- bill is part of a ten-year. the parliament still needs to vote on this bill. city council will discussed issue of plastic containers at tonight's meeting. environmentists say the foam containers often up as -- often end up as litter and can be i -- and can be invested -- ingested by wildlife. both loyals and targets are
8:21 am
carrying -- jc -- jaycee dugard's memoir comes out tomorrow. why she said she wrote the book. good morning. bay bridge toll plaza, kind 675 routine backup. we have a backup on one. freeways.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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welcome back. the book that was written by kidnapping victim jaycee dugard goes on sale tomorrow. and in her first tv interview, she describes the moment she was kidnapped off a south lake tahoe street by phillip garrido and nancy garrido. she says she remembers walking up a hill from her home and then being paralyzed by a stun gun. she remembers waking up in the back of the car with nancy garrido holding her down. when she was asked why she wrote a book about it, she says "why not look at it? stare is down until you it can't scare you anymore. i didn't want there to be any more seest secrets." dugard had two daughters with phillip garrido. pocket phillip and nancy garrido are in prison -- both still lip and nancy garrido are in prison serving time for rain and -- for rape and kipping. big cities like san
8:25 am
francisco could have a higher chant of developing hawks. those who right in heavy track are often exposed to pollution. researchers say the risk is very small and the riders should continue cycling because it's healthy. hey, sal, have you fixed the toll plaza and the rest of the commute? >> trying to. highway 4 really is taking the cake this morning. it's very slow because of police activity. even highway 4 at loveridge road. this police activity has been out there for about an hour. the traffic is really slow. all lanes -- 234 fact, it looks like went highway 4 may be affected by some temporary closures. went traffic is backed up solid -- westbound traffic is backed
8:26 am
-- is backed 7. and give yourself plenty of time through highway 4. i don't see much in the boy point area -- bay point area. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up for about a five, ten-minute delay. southbound, northbound 280 is. that traffic is lightening up. we have a couple of slowdowns but nothing major driving into cupertino. let's go to steve. some of the updated projections, i was looking at -- san francisco, .02, .03, today, tomorrow. if you are anywhere near where, san bruno, sfo, anywhere there could be a lot of drizzle over the next few days. 52 to 59. might be a 60 by now. but low clouds made it well
8:27 am
inland everything is in place. that system off portland will not move very much. sunny but cooler conditions. low clouds, 50s, 60s, coast and bay. and a few low 80s. i think tomorrow, the 80s will be hard pressed to find. unless you are in vacaville and there will be -- then there will be the low 80s. the temperatures will come up a little bit over the weekend. dave? >> reporter: overnight in pittsburgh p pittsburg, at a -- a shooting at a popular trail. police are out investigating trying to find the suspect. plus -- the changes one group is calling for at the
8:28 am
last weekend shooting by b.a.r.t. police.
8:29 am
8:30 am
well, good morning to you. welcome back. 8:29. two shootings in less than a week on the same east bay hiking trail. ktvu's kraig debro is in pittsburg right now where, once again, the delta deanza trail has become a crime scene. kraig? >> reporter: yeah, dave. not only behind me, the delta deanza trail, you can see officers in the middle. those officers are looking actually at a shoe on the ground and a white t-shirt. we're out here as early as 4:30 a.m. around police had both sides of this trail blocked off so nobody could come in and do their morning back and -- morning walk and tamper with
8:31 am
the evidence. and this happened from another homicide here last week. >> that's bad. that's too close to home right there. >> last night's incident happened prompted a call -- prompt at call to the sheriff's office about shots. when police got here, they found a man. that's all they've been able to fidget right now, is 57 adult male who was shot -- figure out right now, is an adult male who was shot. the man was taken to john muir medical center. we're not sure of the condition just yet. we got a call from the east bay and this has -- and all of 24
8:32 am
has one -- this has one man almost read yesterday to move. >> i'm ready to move me and my baby out of here. it's violence and those issues. that's not how i was raised. >> reporter: we were showing you the went direction. this is the even direction. so you have officers here behind me and in that direction looking for clues. earlier, it was cordoned off by tape. not clear why they did but they are looking for evidence. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. a robbery victim is recovering after getting shot last night in oakland. police say it happened after 10:00 at the area of west 16th street in chestnut. the victim was walking with another person when two people attacked them. the gunman took some belongings and shot the victim in the 7er
8:33 am
part of his body. the -- in the upper part of his body. the victim is said to be in fair condition. the armed robbers got away. pg&e is trying to get the power going back after an accident at 7th between stony and girr -- gifford. crews are work on the problem and full power should be restored, we're told, by noon. pleasant hill police arrested two men who may have robbed some bay area establishments. they were loitering yesterday afterand police say they found loaded weapons, a large amount of cash and hundred of cloned access cards in their possession. the men were identified as two southern california men between
8:34 am
the ages of 20 and 202. job cuts to be -- could be coming -- could be coming up. the unions representing the city's 300 employees have not agreed to concessions yet. so there is a proposal to cut five jobs and change the classifications of police captains and lieutenants in an effort to save about $450,000. this morning, the parents of a college student from concord who was stabbed to death had their first -- had their first court hearing 234 -- in the lawsuit filed against arnold schwarzenegger. the suspect, es -- the suspect who killed luis santos was sentenced for 16 years in prison. but on arnold schwarzenegger's last day in office, he cut that sentence -- that sentence in half. the parents of lewis filed the lawsuit saying schwarzenegger's
8:35 am
decision violated their right. maria shriver has reportedly bought a home for $10 million in los angeles. pg&e reports her new home is in brentwood near the home she shared with arnold schwarzenegger. shriver came out and said that arnold schwarzenegger was the father of her body. we're gonna get details today of the plans for the 2013 america's cup race in san francisco. city officials will release a state required report about how to deal with super crowds and the development, the international sailing event is expected to bling this afternoon. that report also analyzes the expected environment impact of the offense. san francisco cabdrivers are planning another strike. this time, the examiner says
8:36 am
they are planning just a 24- hour strike on august 2nd. cabdrivers are angry with credit carded card fees an they also want rates reduced. they are also looking into the electronic ways of bills. one group of demonstrators will stage a protest later today at b.a.r.t.'s -- b.a.r.t.'s osk center station where b.a.r.t. shot and killed a man last week. police say charles hill had a knife before they shot at the man. he died. the group is calling for the officer to be fired and then want the b.a.r.t. police department to be shut down. today's protest will begin at 4:30. let's quickly go to sal. we have major problems. major delays on highway 4 this morning because of police
8:37 am
activity even at love rental root but also. is -- but westbound traffic is very slow. if you are driving on highway 4 and bay point, it's light. but today, avoid highway 4. both directions are shut down for police activity the traffic is m a mess. the side roads are jammed here as well. i want to mention the bay bridge as a moderate delay, it's probably with a -- about a five-minute wait billion you make it on the spam. southbound traffic is gonna be busy. some stop and go traffic and checking out the south bay in general. 8:37. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. there's plenty of low clouds around and a lot of drizzle, coast and bay. especially around south san
8:38 am
francisco, san francisco. a couple of .100s. we had really hot conditions last week. a very strong low moving into the pacific northwest. it's gonna hang out there. low clouds, mist, drizzle. very cool this week compared to last week, turns going below average. in a couple of days all because of low clouds an fog, there will be some -- and fog, there will be some very chilly rattings -- readings. it will go up to portland and seattle and it will hang out there. a lot of low clouds for the bay. patchy clouds. sunny, breezy to windy. a lot of 50s, we had low 50s through the cover kept in check. northwest breeze for san jose. that's cool coming 06 watt -- coming 06 the water.
8:39 am
that's the system that's carving itself out to the north. it looks like it will do that and kind of sit there and reenhance itself probably to wednesday or thursday. so the cooling conditions for inland areas which are -- which are sliding down in the mid- 80s. so the cooler pattern maybe even some 70s that we're 100 degrees a week ago. after some local drizzle, sunny for some. might be a slow progress. 60s, 70s and 80s. no 90s. especially today and tomorrow. 63 alameda. 76 in plan ton -- pleasanton. went 80 okayly, -- it will be breezy to windy at times. cooling to wednesday, probably. and then friday, saturday, sunday we'll start to see some
8:40 am
inland temperatures warming up again. >> okay. thank you, steve. right now, president obama is continuing a news conference. we'll have an update on the negotiations with congressal leaders as he's speaking live there. what he's saying about raising the debt limit. an officer is killed, another one is hurt after their patrol car is collided. did one of them run a red light?
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back. 8:42. taking a live look at the big board, definitely a down start to the week ford stock market. stock market -- week for the stock market. stock market, worries about european debt defaults has spread to greece, and portugal. currently, you see the dow is down 145 points. nasdaq down, 49 and s&p is also down 20. right now, president obama is continuing a news conference where he is talking about an update on the gauche sanctions with congressional leaders. the president said he's opened to all ideas but is insisting on getting it done.
8:44 am
he says he will -- >> this is the united states. we don't manage our affairs in three-month increments. we don't risk u.s. default on our obligations because we can't put politics aside. >> the president said he will continue meeting with congress at leaders every day until a deal is done. the deadline is august 2nd. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. new information about an overnight shooting in oakland. it happened about midnight, at this lucky's store. oakland police say they fired shots at two men after one of them pulled out a gun. no one was hurt. one of the men is behind bars. but police are still searching for the different man. an early-morning school
8:45 am
fire in daly city is suspicious. the flames broke out late last night at skyline elementary. it damaged a portable classroom and everything inside. the school reopens in a little over a month from now. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly accident in southern california involving two police cruisers. the two officers were responding to the same call in alhambra yesterday, when they collided at an intersection, ryan stringer died as a result of this injuries -- of this injury. >> officer stringer was a very energetic, very well liked police officer by other members in the department and the community. the department is really grieving today. >> the other officer was seriously injured but is said to be in stable condition. reportedly one officer may have -- one of the officers may have run the red light but they can't confirm that yet.
8:46 am
at mayberry and high glen drive around 12:350 yesterday -- yesterday morning, police say a driver was speeding and then plowed into two cars and the fire truck. fortunately, no one was injured. 8:45. the dui checkpoint in sacramento turned up a couple of bizarre scenarios saturday night. police say they cited two parents who had too much to drink but they allowed their 14- year-old son to drive them to the liquor store. police didn't find reason to arrest them. at that same checkpoint another unlicensed driver identified himself by producing a citation he got early in the day for driving without a witness. now he has two tickets for the same offense. well, cal fire is hoping to fully contain a wildfire in a remote area in the sierra nevada foothills. this morning, the firefighters are out there mopping up. they are putting -- are putting
8:47 am
out hot spots. 3 -- 350 acres have burned. a downed power line sparked 245 fire. also a barbecue grill may be to blame for a fire that gut -- that gutted a home in holds burg. firefighters rushed to the home on albert court yesterday morning. they found flames shooting from the two-story house. the press democrat reports the couple who lives there got out safely. one firefighter was hurt by falling degree. it took more than two hours to put out that fire. the biggest mission of the space shuttle mission me against today as the "atlantis" crew makes a major delivery to the international space station. today, they used the robotic arm to remove a 21-foot long canister and attach it to the space station. it holds enough foot, clothes and other supplies to last for a year. miss control is deeping -- keeping is a close eye on
8:48 am
debris that could create a hazard. nasa is trying to figure out how close the two are together. if scientists think they are too close, thrusters will be used to them out of the way. in overnight news, a big explosion sparked by a brush fire raced through a northern california place in cypress. the brush fire set off containers of gun powder. look at these pictures. in addition to the 12 people killed 62 more were hurt. that last severely damaged that island's main power station you are looking at what -- at some of what he -- that has caused a lot of power images. the national guard chief resigned after those explosions. there's a lot of criticism about how the gun powder gun
8:49 am
proud -- about how the gun powder was. investigators say a half- century boat was only licensed to carely half the people number on board during a fishing trip. 8:49. seven family members are dead after their small plane crashed into alabama. the faa says one of the plane's engines filed -- failed on the
8:50 am
way to missouri -- from missouri to florida friday night. the plane crashed two miles from the airport. two adults and their five children were on board the small plane and were returning from a family reunion. passengers are in germany finally after a threatening sticker turned up in the bathroom. flight 926 left sfo saturday night for frankfurt. the plane had to be diverted to chicago after a flight attendant found the sticker. there's no word on who placed the sticker in the bathroom. big questions this morning 3 how a stun gun ended up on a jetblue plane. it was find friday nightby the clue who was cleaning up after arriving in new jersey from boston. right now, still not clear who it belonged to or how it got on
8:51 am
the plane. both the cia and fbi are investigating. new york sit -- a new york state judge has thrown out a lawsuit attempting to stop an islamic community center near the wait site. the judge says the former new york city firefighter who filed the lawsuit has no special legal standing to pursue the case. critics say it's an in-- it's an insult to the september 11th womens. starting today, you you can make free online resser investigations to tour the 911 memorial in new york city. the memorial will be dedicated on this september -- september 11th, the tenth after-- the -- 11th. the coast guard got a call for help from some illegal immigrants stranded off the
8:52 am
coast. they arrested the immigrant. the coast guard turned the immigrants over to federal immigration authorities. tiger woods made an announcement this morning but it was not exactly what many people thought it would be. also, the reason why rihanna had to really stop short her big concert in dallas. ñsxóxgñ
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
swimmers in fishermen on cape cod are on the lookout today. there have been three sightings -- sightings of great white sharks. instead 6 scaring people off -- of scaring off people, this has brought the people there. experts say marine mammals feed off seals this time of year. roger clemens is -- opening statements are set for wednesday in the rodger clemens steroid case. a concert by rihanna cut it short. the american airlines center had to be evacuated after this fire started. it actually broke out during her song "california king."
8:56 am
no injuries were reported and -- and after wards, rihanna tweeted "dallas, we set the house on fire. glad you are safe." word from tiger woods' sport team. there was speculation that he might report a leave of absence due to injuries. then they announced they will join xcel management. woods to be excel's first golf client. injury the will force tager -- injuries will force tiger to miss the first testament this weekend. meter rates are being tied 20 demands. the first batch of information has been analyzed. so now the price goes down 32%. at 31% of the meters, the prices will go up.
8:57 am
prices will range from $1.75 to $3.75 an hour. these are being tested in eight different neighborhoods -- eight different neighborhoods. let's get to sal. >> you should avoid highway 4. it's shut down in both directions. right here at loveridge. the traffic is at a standstill. some people are suggesting alternates but they are jammed as well. so be aware of that. bay bridge toll plaza. right now it's recovered for the morning commute. ist state 880, still a little bit busy and northbound traffic -- and the northbound traffic getting un-- traffic getting by. here's steve. we'll be lucky to hit the mid-70s by wednesday. a cool week. >> definitely need to wash the car, with the little driz. there. >> yeah. >> it made it worse.
8:58 am
>> well, that's gonna do it for us this morning. thank you for joining us. we'll have more coverage coming up on the noon news. until then have a good day.
8:59 am

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